Felicity Huffman battled severe bulimia

Desperate Housewives star and Academy Award-nominated actress Felicity Huffman has revealed her battle with severe bulimia and body dysmorphic disorder. While Huffman is recovered now, she was troubled and sick up until her late 30s.

Huffman’s personal experience helped her identify with her character in Transamerica:
"I understand the pain of waking up in agony in your own skin," she says simply, describing a struggle that lasted through her teens and twenties.

Another article quotes Huffman as saying that she vomited up to six times a day at the height of her illness. It takes a lot of courage to come out with that. Huffman seems to be keeping healthy now with a thin but very strong frame.

Hopefully her message will help others who struggle with the pain of not being satisfied with their bodies. Huffman, 43, has been married to renowned character actor William H. Macy, 56, since 1997. They have two daughters, Sofia and Georgia, aged five and three.